The Key To Losing Weight Quickly! Are You Doing It Right?

Written on September 19, 2014 at 4:38 pm, by alenpervanic

Burning fat is not a guarantee of losing fat. Let’s end it with the confusion and tell you that no matter how much fat you eat during the day, fat loss will only occur with a caloric deficit. That has been proven time and time again by scientific protocols that are a little stricter than bulletproof coffee. Yes, eating fewer carbs and increasing fat intake will increase fat burning but if you are still bringing in as much fat as is being burned, you are not losing fat. Bulletproof coffee might make you more energetic as you avoid the blood sugar spike and crash that follows, but it won’t cause fat loss unless the rest of your day is tailored that way. What’s with the obsession with fat loss anyway?

Your body never burns just sugar or just fat. It’s usually a mix of both. Your level of activity, your nutrition and insulin sensitivity will determine how much fat or sugar you burn, but there is no such thing as a fat burning switch that you have to activate in order to magically burn fat. Apart from people with the metabolic syndrome, which is an advanced case of insulin resistance you rarely see with very active people, people have no switch. They can maximize fat burning if they create an energy demand with their training or fewer calories in their plate.

People get so caught up on burning fat because they miss the point. It is not about burning fat versus burning sugar. It is about energy and how you can impact it. If you have created an energy demand that wasn’t met during your day, you will get into your energy stores and lose fat. The way your body splits up nutrients does have an impact on your body composition.

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Best Legal Bodybuilding Supplement for Building Muscle Mass

Written on September 8, 2014 at 6:37 pm, by alenpervanic

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