Aurora Club Jazz Jam Live!
At the Borealis Lounge
Aurora Club Jazz Jam Live!

Talent Show!

Tonight! Talent Show! What would you do if you hosted a talent show and … no one signed up? If you were FM, you would haul Jake on stage to sit in for the once-in-a-while Jack Patz and get your sidekick Charlie to play two trumpets at once to a Tango, do your own tap dance routine, and get a drunk traveling businessman to do beat poetry about management. Songs include, The Grind, Hot Sashay, Two Trumpet Tango, Management, and Train Wreck. << MORE >>

Halloween Jazz Party!

Tonight! FM throws a big Halloween Jazz Party, with dunking for apples, a costume contest and a spoooky story. And the band is Hot Hot Hot! with Special Guests Wayne on guitar and Jake on the drums. So kick back - have a Cuban Cola and go to a Halloween Jazz Party in the comfort of your own favorite chair!<< MORE >>

Cigar Bar!

Tonight! Cigar Bar! FM has yet another plan up his sleeve to drum up business, this time by selling cigars. The tone of the evening is set with the raucous blues tune DAWN OF THE FAWN. The band lights a fire with GO GO BOOTS, and Dr. F’s cigar habit leads into HAZE. Ouch, looks like the Doctor is out for the count. Luckily, Jeff the Hollywood writer is in the audience, so he joins the band to finish out the set with NAOMI and MY CIGARONA. It really rocks out at the Borealis Lounge tonight!... << MORE >>

Hire This Band!

Hire this Band! Tonight! FM takes on a new role as band manager to get the band some gigs! The set starts off with the band playing some samples of classic jazz tunes that fit the needs of corporate clients or others looking for some classic mellow jazz for their event. But wait – the Aurora Club is also available for jazz festivals! Their creativity is on stage with another super jam completely improvisational interpretation of Bach’s Fugue in C Minor. The band is based out of Minneapolis Minnesota USA. For more info contact them at ... << MORE >>

Fan Club Night Riot 9

Tonight! Business at the Borealis Lounge has been kind of slow, so FM decides to stir things up by inviting ALL of Charlie’s fan clubs to a Fan Club Night Celebration! Whoops – guess they don’t all get along. Tensions build and then explode in concert with some great improvisational jams. Songs include Fan Club, Beauty with No Head, various trumpet overtures for the different fan clubs, and a classic, Fight Song. Charlie Bates on Trumpet, Dr. F on piano, Wrong Way Perkins on guitar, Jack Patz on drums, and Berle on his ever-lovin bass. ... << MORE >>

Education night at the Borealis Lounge!

Tonight! Help FM celebrate his new 8th Grade Diploma! THe band starts off with 8th Grade Jam, then plays a spur of the moment improv on Bach melodies to Make FM look smart. FM doesn't have the Report Card Blues, but the Band sure does. Hackin Sam does a quiz show - Are you smarter than an eighth Grader? Then Hackin premiers his new epic Poem - Anthropology. The band wraps it up with The Smarts and FM has an in-house graduation party<< MORE >>

Aurora Club Jam at the State Fair!

The Aurora Club Jams at the State Fair! FM lined up a lucrative free gig next to the Sheep Barn. Wow – Spaghetti on-a-stick, Cuban Colas on-a-stick, freak shows, animal husbandry, midway mayhem and music. On top of it all Dr. F is back and is jamming with Wrong Way Perkins! At The State Fair! The show starts out with a psychedelic tune called Sheep Jam. Things really start to move with a driving jazz jam called Thrill-o-Whirl. After that crazy ride, things slow down and get romantic with the tune Ye Olde Mill. Wrong Way Perkins sings Headphone Henry – the band’s entry in the Bandstand Competition. The set wraps up with Sky Ride.<< MORE >>

Wrong Way Perkins Joins the Band!

Tonight! Live from the Borealis Lounge! Wrong Way Perkins - guitarist extraordinaire arrives and joins the band, bringing in a wild new sound. Sort of like the Grateful Dead meets Santana and Miles Davis. Really wild super long jam odesseys and its their first time playing together! Unbelievable. Songs include Go Go boots, Hot Sashay, Odessey, Mr. Blobby and Under the Bridge. FM keeps the show going with his insult-ridden ventriliquist doll. This is a classic folks. Oh, yeah - buy the Aurora Club Jazz Jam Live CD at I-Tunes! Support the Show! ...<< MORE >>

Album for sale! Jazz Jam Live!

Tonight! Join the Party! Its a CD Release party at the Borealis Lounge! That's right - pick up a digital copy of the Aurora Club's "Best Of" album featuring 12 tunes from the past year's shows. Check it out on ITunes and other major digital music retailers. the Artist Name is "Aurora Club" and the album name is "Jazz Jam Live". So back to the CD Release Party, Things get wild when FM decides to give away Cuban Colas. Dr F has to man the CD table. Jack Patz gets to be a waiter. Charlie gets to have a laugh and Hackin Sam gets to premier some Music for Modern Dance. Enjoy and buy the album! ...<< MORE >>

Turkey Time at the Borealis Lounge!

Its the Holiday Season and FM is giving away turkeys! Live ones -oops! The band rocks on with an intro song, feather Head, Wintertime, and Turkey Trot! While you are dowloading, go to and fill out a short listener survey - it will help the band get a sponsor and keep the show No Cover!<< MORE >>

Tribute to Jack Patz!

Tonight! Join FM in wishing Jack Patz the best as he ventures of to join the French Foreign Legion - or something like that. The set features some of Jack's favorite rockin tunes with the Aurora Club. Tunes include Improvised Monk, Heavy Jack, Spy Girl, Amazing Grace and Fish Wrap. Special Guests Lady K and Hackin Sam also stop by to pay tribute to Jack Patz - one of the Rock N Roll Jazz Drummer Greats!<< MORE >>

The Sarah Palin Jazz Hour

Tonight! At the Borealis Lounge! FM has invited VP Candidate Sarah Palin to the Lounge for a debate with Charlie Bates! Why he has even brought in Nanook Johnson, a guest drummer from the far north to help set the rhythm of the evening. Of course Sarah backed out since Jazz involves improvisation, and she is under strict order to keep to the script. So FM has a Sarah Palin Look-A-Like contest to keep the customers happy. The songs in tonight’s set include: Legal in Alaska, The Secret, The Moose Has The Blues, Wasilla Nights, After the Party Waltz, and Happy Days Are Here Again. ...<< MORE >>


Tonight! Charlie is down after the Borealis Lounge softball team had a crushing loss to the Grand Bistro. Pierre’s Sidekick, LaChou, stops by to collect on FM’s wager. The set starts off with “Left Field Daydreams”, followed by “7th Inning Stretch”, “Shortstop Romance”, 3/4 for the Umpire” and wraps up with “Bases Loaded”. As FM says – It just doesn’t matter if you win or lose. << MORE >>

Keeping cool with the AC

Tonight! The air conditioning is out at the Borealis Lounge, but the crowd is keeping cool with the AC. The house band - the AURORA CLUB - starts out the set with a 3/4 tune called "Cool it". Dr F shows off his love for minimalism and the beauty of keeping the melody simple with his tune called "Sunglasses". Man it is hot, but Charlie Bates' tune "Surf" helps with a funky breeze. The funk continues with an acid jazz tribute to the all-American summer beach icon - "Bikini". Hackin Sam is back from vacation and apparently discovered "The five stages of Happiness" while camping in the pines. Allright Hackin! Share the wisdom! FM's big idea to keep cool hits a snag and the band has to chill him out with a super mellow version of "Cool it" to close out the set, along with some island jazz to close the bar.

Classical Jazz at the Borealis Lounge!

Tonight! The Fat Man tries to impress the membership committee of the high society Calhoun Club by having the band play classical tunes. The band gives it their best shot with some jazz renditions of Funeral March for a Marionette (Gounod); Symphony No 7: Allegretto (Beethoven); the famous Carmen aria Habanera (Bizet); and that tango favorite El Choclo (Villoldo). Hackin Sam tries to add some class with a Haiku. That classical music really gets the crowd riled up, along with free Cuban Colas and some pull tab action. Will FM get in the club? Listen and find out!<< MORE >>

The Great Fatini

Tonight! Voodoo Magic with the Great Fatini! Dr F has set aside his Steinway D for the night and opted to play electric for that Bill Evans sound. The band starts it off with a groovin 6/8 tune called Kimo Sabe. Everything about the Great Fatini is magic, and the band pays tribute to his Magic Pants for the second tune. The Voodoo Magic Act leads into the third tune - Berle's Head - a sweet slow song with a bass lead. The band tosses together an improve to create a rocking jam tune aptly called - THe Great Fatini! Thes set ends with some Ska for Jeff.<< MORE >>

Caucus Night at the Borealis Lounge!

Caucus Night at the Borealis Lounge! Join the Fat Man, Charlie Bates, Dr. F, Jack Patz, Berle Hackin Sam and the rest of the Borealis Lounge regulars in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in a debate between the two leading presidential candidates - our own Charlie Bates and Senator Frappi! As always, the band plays some great original tunes: Look At Me, Old Caucus Blues, Clam Bake, Hurry Up! and It's Been a Long Day. Hackin Sam debuts another Beat Poem - The Long-Tail - based on his recent dabbling in mathematics. Pull up a chair, grab a Cuban Cola and Participate in Jazz Politics the way it was meant to be!<< MORE >>

Dr. F Gets a Steinway D

Tonight! The Fat Man grabs a Steinway D for Dr. F. Original tunes abound stating with a ballad named D. Clive gets an invite to join in on a latin version of A Fine Hotel. Where the heck is Jack now? The Fat Man needs a swinging dose of Good Advice. Charlie plays a tune from his down south days called Sunny Parish. The band gets into a spaced out jam on Sailing. All good things must come to an end, and Dr. F starts to end the set with Showing Off the Dog House, until Pierre and his sidekick show up looking for their piano.... << MORE >>

The Aurora Club - My Southern Brother?

Tonight! The brother of the Fat Man stops by with a banjo sidekick. Things get pretty hot with that wild decadent jaass Be-Boppin! The band provides some southern comfort with Shenandoah. Charlie tries singing Beautiful Sea and a waitress does a dance to a tune apted named Pretty Girl. Hackin Sam is Back with a new beat poem - How to Fly! Grab a chair, order a Cuban Cola, and kick back for another evening of live jazz at the Borealis lounge!<< MORE >>

Jack Patz is Back!

Jack is back in town! Patz is back from Prague! Tonight! All original tunes at the Borealis Lounge! The band starts out with a groovin improvisation called Jack is Back. The Fat Man requests Charlie's song about last weekend - The Angry Bee That Bothered Me And Made Me Burn My Barbeque. Bates does some nasty scat. The band shifts to ballad mode, gets mellow and paints a picture with Monet. Lady K - lady of mystery and intrigue - what's in Prague anyway? Get a glimpse with The Aurora Club's intepretation of Lady K's Day! The set wraps up like an old TV station with America the Beautiful.<< MORE >>
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